Global-Green Residents are more conscious about living greener and healthier. The number of people looking to make more sustainable choices is growing exponentially. Local businesses are changing to meet this need. We provide Green listings for the consumer and your business needs. The Global Green Directory makes finding sustainable Green resources easy!

The Global-Green Directory lists environmentally friendly websites, and resources on the Internet. As it grows, we hope that it will become a powerful resource for all those who use it to find websites and those who submit websites to find visitors. Some say that what we are doing is merely recycling the web, however, we try to find sites that are of interest and sites wishing inclusion into the directory have to adhere to our strict guidelines of quality green products and environmentally friendly information.

Over the past few years, there has been an awakening of individuals relating to our environment and the impact we, as a people, have on it. One of the largest sectors impacting the environment is that of real estate, its’ construction, operation and subsequent carbon imprint that it has. It has become evident that there is a need to address all of the aspects of buildings in order to be compliant with a “Green Approach”.

We at Global-Green exist to provide direction and resources to the Green industry by overseeing the implementation of green applications, both in the product usage and service vendor sector. We can oversee a program to implement and maintain a green approach to your buiness needs, applying our vast experience with compliant vendors and the operation of properties at the level designated for green certification. You can be assured that our experience at dealing with the requirements of green efficiency and products will provide your facilities with the best product possible. We deal with the physical, operational and legislated applications of efficient building operation.

By allowing Global-Green to serve your needs, you can be assured that you will gain all of the advantages available through going green along with getting an experienced, proven team to operate your facilities.

Our theory is to start small. Whether it is a home or building based recycling plan or using recycled paper products and more energy efficient lighting you are heading in the right direction. It is our goal to facilitate and build the necessary directory of vendors and suppliers to facilitate the needs of both small and large property owners and investors so that you can start turning your real estate investment GREEN.

Going green and addressing sustainability concerns is our major focus. By utilizing our site we can put you in touch with the top professionals and suppliers within the industry.

We encourage all of you to take the GREEN PLEDGE and become more Eco Friendly!

– The Global-Green Property Service Team